⦁ Grandparent Rights

In today’s world, grandparents may often do a lot more than offer occasional free babysitting. Grandparents are also full-time caretakers of minor children when one or both parents are unable or unwilling. These veteran caregivers are eager to take on the task without complaint. However, they may not have the rights of a birthparent, and so may not be able to make important decisions for the child like medical choices, school choices, and decisions that require legal capacity. If you are a grandparent, you need a strong advocate to help you assert your rights in court, to make a case that you are an equal caregiver and that you should have some legal and visitation rights for your grandchildren.

⦁ Third Party Custody

In any action involving minor children, the court may decide that neither spouse is adequately equipped to be a caretaker of minor children involved in the now-ended relationship. There may be situations where a third-party is actively seeking legal and/or physical custody of the minor children. In either case, the interested third-party should seek legal assistance to help them assert their legal rights. At Family First Law, LLC, we are well-suited to handle third-party custody issues.